Digital support for
optimal operations
and higher customer

Your customers can count on personal contact, attention and empathy from our staff. We create the space for this by using innovative and smart digital technologies. In this way we not only further optimise our operational processes and service agreements (KPIs and SLAs), but we also increase your customers’ experience. By helping them quickly, effectively, with a personal touch and all the attention their situation requires.

Digital communication makes providing assistance efficient

Travellers from the Netherlands can submit a request for medical assistance to the emergency centre digitally, with just a few clicks on their smartphone or tablet. In less urgent situations, it saves waiting time on the phone.

This is called SMARTmelden. Via this innovative tool, your customers can simply and safely submit their location, what they need assistance with, and any additional information; even relevant pictures can be included. As such, all information is immediately combined, allowing us to provide better advise and support for your customers, and we can initiate the assistance process much quicker.

WhatsApp communication is also being integrated into different assistance processes. But of course, we keep personal telephone contact with your customers if the situation requires it or the customers themselves requests it.

Future-proof support for medical assistance

When it comes to medical assistance, the emergency centre uses the state-of-the-art innovative platform Alpha. This allows us to help your customers worldwide in a quick and effective manner. With smart connections with the insurance policies of your customers, the intake process is essentially automated, without error, and complete. As such, we can initiate the assistance process much quicker.

Thanks to connections within our own data systems, we also have direct access to (local) specifics, such as medical aid options nearby. This efficient application has been developed by our own IT department, building on our extensive experience and knowledge. The platform can easily be adapted to your needs or to market developments. This way we keep innovating our service to your customers and you.

Immediate clarity in case
of breakdown on the road

For mobility support we use the innovative, integrated platform Atlas. Thanks to an automated control of insurance policies, we can always provide your customer with the support that fits within your policy conditions.

This improves the speed and quality of assistance. Digital contact and information exchange with salvage companies and other parties is ensured via the tool’s integration with the platform Assistance Online. They can, for example, update their expected arrival time, which is automatically forwarded by SMS text to your customers.

As such, we can provide immediate clarity to your customers, who are often stranded in an inconvenient situation.

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