Practical support in
cases that cannot
wait until tomorrow

Do you own or manage real estate? Such as residential or office complexes, or business premises? Your renters or customers can encounter unforeseen circumstances, for which immediate support is needed. It’s good to know that they can call on the practical assistance staff of SOS International, day and night.

Appropriate action leads to cost containment and customer satisfaction

Whether it concerns small inconveniences or big disruptions, the solution cannot wait until tomorrow. For example, in case of a significant leakage or flooding. Or when the front door key has broken off. Or a shattered window or broken door after an attempted burglary. Renters and users of residences and premises may not know where to go for help.

The staff of SOS International are available day and night for an immediate, practical solution. They can promptly send a contracted professional repair company to solve the problem or take the right measures.

By handling quickly and appropriately, possible consequential damage can be avoided. With our On-Call Emergency Service, you can be assured that your customers get the support they need at any given time, you can make them feel safe and secure again, and you can limit further rising costs.

On-call whenever your customers need you

Accidents and unforeseen circumstances don’t predict themselves. They are, however, moments that your customers want to be able to reach you, for help, advice, or a solution.

Even in the evenings or on weekends. With the On-Call Services of SOS International you are assured that your customers are always assisted directly and where possible provided with a practical solution. Also, in the evenings or on weekends. That way you can always be there for your customers.

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