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SOS International is the largest independent emergency centre of the Netherlands. Our emergency assistance staff are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to help people in unforeseen circumstances, whether it is medical or mobility related. Wherever they are, we ensure the right assistance at the right time.

45 years ago: started as an innovative initiative

SOS International was founded in 1978 under the name SOS Centrale by a collective of insurers. A few years later, the emergency centre with its new name SOS International became the first party in (free) mobility assistance within the Netherlands, provided to car drivers who purchased an all-risk car insurance.

SOS International was also the first emergency centre to initiate ‘parasol flights’ from warm holiday destination; this is a play on the Dutch phrase ‘gipsvlucht’, meaning ‘plaster flight’, which refers to flights home for people who injured themselves on winter sport holidays.

SOS International has been a part of CED Group since 2016. CED Group is a European industry leader for the entire claims market, ranging from emergency assistance, claims handling and expertise, to repair. This has enhanced and broadened the services provided by SOS International. After roadside assistance is provided, customers are easily referred to CED Mobility for expertise or damage repair.

And combined with CED Vitality, additional personal injury services can be provided as well. The SOS International organisation itself has expanded, and now has more than 300 employees. In addition to emergency assistance, it now also has a Business Process Outsourcing organisation for support in (medical) crises and calamities.

CED Group: services enhanced and broadened

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International Assistance Group
(IAG) network

IAG: broad international support

SOS International has been a business core partner and also has regularly been board member of the International Assistance Group (IAG). This is a network of 140 emergency centres in 120 countries. As such, SOS International has access to 25,000 assistance partners worldwide. At the same time, the emergency centre supports the handling 13 million assistance requests annually from the IAG network. IAG does not only guarantee a ‘world of assistance within reach’, but also cooperative innovation and optimisation of emergency assistance, strategically and operationally.

Cost containment: close-
knit network of involved

The crucial foundation of our immediate and (cost-)efficient services to your customer is a close-knit, international network of involved parties and assistance partners. It varies from (specialised) salvage companies and garages to vehicle rental companies for cars, campers, and more.

And from other emergency centres to hospitals, private clinics, and specialised transport (air ambulance) for repatriation, for example. We keep close contact with all these collaboration partners. We make new agreements annually when it comes to objectives, service levels (KPIs and SLAs) and costs.

This way, we not only provide the best emergency assistance for your customers, but also cost efficiency where possible.

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