Our Medical BPO
guarantees reduced
workload and higher
customer satisfaction

The medical branch of our project organisation Business Process Outsourcing works through multidisciplinary teams of medical and administrative staff. This combination provides effective support in triages, catching up on waiting lists, and handling of files. This leads to a higher efficiency rate, reduced workload for your staff, and above all, a higher customer satisfaction.

Medical support deployable anytime, anyplace

The medical sector appears to suffer from tight labour markets in every country, as well as a shortage of well-trained medical staff. In some cases, this endangers the quality of (frontline) healthcare. In the least severe case, this means a higher workload for your staff and your organisation. With the support of our medical teams, you can forestall this significantly.

Our medical teams work strictly and carefully according to the instructions of your organisation. And because they mostly work online, they are deployable anytime, anyplace.

This is how you can return to your core duties

In our medical teams we combine senior knowledge of the professional medical expert with administrative capacity. Activities that are not part of your core duties can be safely handed over to these teams. They can, among other things, be deployed for

The receiving and correctly referring of telephonic requests for assistance

The handling of files or supplementing them with essential information in an effective manner

Medical screening and anamnesis for hospitals, treatment centres, dental clinics, and institutes for mental healthcare

File management
and execution of

Support during
inspections and referrals

Eventually, the commitment of our medical teams in your organisation will lead to a greater efficiency rate, shorter waiting times, and with that, higher customer satisfaction.

Our medical teams are, among other things, deployed at day clinics of general practitioners, and during evenings, nights, and weekends at posts for first aid responders. Supervised by senior medical experts, the teams receive and refer telephonic requests for assistance. In the public healthcare sector, the medical BPO teams man the specific medical information hotlines.

Citizens can call here with their questions about a specific virus or vaccination program. Using the experience gathered during the Covid pandemic, the medical BPO organisation has also established a structure for pandemic alertness. As such, teams can immediately scale up in case of a disease outbreak.

Some practical examples as inspiration

Can our medical BPO teams unburden your organisation?

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