We can ease and relieve
your concerns and
offer capacity

Time-consuming or recurring (administrative) processes. Peak loads. Complex societal challenges or calamities. They are not directly your core business or of added value, but they do put a lot of pressure on your organisation. Our project organisation Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) can ease and relieve your concerns and offer you capacity. When and where you need it. For the long term, or temporary and immediate. We can scale up promptly. We coordinate an effective process and project design. And we always have genuine care and attention for the people involved.

Our project organisation offers structural solutions, 24/7 and customized

Based on half a century of emergency assistance, SOS International has developed a related activity: Business Process Outsourcing. This project organisation offers structural and temporary solutions for time-consuming or recurring business processes, peak loads, societal and administrative challenges. For the long term, or temporarily and immediately. Also in the medical and healthcare sector or in the event of crises or calamities. We provide capacity, coordination, management, implementation, execution and (medical) triage.

Our teams are deployable 24/7, wherever additional (calling or administrative) capacity is needed, where waiting lists need caught up on, where triage needs to take place, files need to be handled, aftercare needs to be provided, and more… What we offer is always a customised solution. This is how our BPO organisation can be your long-term capacity partner, as we also are for governments and for large parties in the public domain.

The unique competencies of our BPO organisation

With our extensive experience and unique competencies built up within the emergency centre, we offer you support in times most needed.

Knowledge and experience with medical and mobility support

Anytime, anyplace deployability and availability, 24/7, worldwide

Agile upscaling, urgent acting

Good insights in complex circumstances

Empathetic staff, multilingual, with a medical background when needed

Customised solutions, structural and temporary

The guarantees of
our BPO organisation

In the last few years, our BPO organisation has provided support in many societal challenges and in the medical and healthcare sector. For both governments and large parties in the public domain. Based on these experiences, we can give you the following guarantees.

Decisive action, also in urgent situations

A crisis is always unpredictable. Crisis management is therefore often a skill in itself. It requires significant operational decisive action, (political) sensitivity, and ability to adapt. The BPO project organisation is structured specifically to step in immediately. The structural ways of up- and downscaling, coordination and execution of aid is the essence of our operation.

Extensive experience in effectivity

SOS International has extensive experience in providing support for (medical) crises. The BPO project organisation is keen to share this knowledge and experience to realize your objectives. If another approach is more effective, we advise as such.

Ecosystem for capacity

For execution and security of continuity we not only aim for quality, but also capacity. Our BPO project organisation can fall back on multiple different capacity partners: larger employment agencies, smaller specialist companies, other emergency centres, insurers, and facility call centres.

Confidential processing of data

Our BPO project organisation is familiar with the sensitivity of crisis and healthcare projects as well as confidential medical or personal information. Our systems are designed with this in mind, and our staff is trained in proper handling and processing. Additionally, SOS International has its ISO27001, ISAE3402 and NEN7510 certifications.

Could our BPO project organisation also
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