We provide decisive
action and clarity
during crisis and

Managing a crisis is a skill in itself and requires significant operational decisive action, political sensitivity, and ability to adapt. Our BPO organisation meets all requirements to step in immediately when needed. We can scale up acutely, and provide coordination, project management and assistance. Our motivation is the added social value we want to offer. With this, we make a difference in your societal challenge.

Openness and trust as
foundation for the solution

The crisis teams of our BPO organisation act decisively. They can scale up quickly, are flexible, and always offer customized solutions. Our support consists of capacity, project and process design, management, and direction.

This effective approach is based on extensive experience in supporting (medical) crises and societal challenges in the public domain. We employ this experience and knowledge to benefit your objectives.

We also realise it is crucial to the success of a crisis organisation to have an effective back-and-forth with NGOs, governments, and other stakeholders. Openness and trust are therefore our keywords.

Agile upscaling


Offer structure and project management

Comprehension of complex situations

Always offer a customised solution

Quality and clarity guaranteed

To ensure proper execution, security, and continuity of crisis operations, we establish a project organisation. As we do so, we aim for capacity, quality, and operations. For the required capacity we connect within our network with several capacity partners. Our systems are designed to handle and process sensitive and confidential information (personal information).

Our organisation is certified and our staff has been selected for and trained in proper handling. Additionally, we maintain careful file handling and administration, and can justify our activities into detail. As such, you will never be kept in the dark, no matter the extent of the crisis or workload.

Some practical examples as inspiration

During the Covid pandemic, the Dutch government requested the support of our crisis organisation. In six months’ time, we scaled up to the largest call centre organisation ever: 9,000 employees (4,000 FTE). With a variable employment due to the erratic nature of the virus, we conducted 1.5 million Test and Trace reviews. Amidst a complex political playing field and under much pressure from society and media.

Not long after, we developed a crisis organisation for the Dutch government due to the acute flow of refugees from Ukraine. This team was available 7 days a week to ensure fitting temporary accommodation and arrange transport to it. Other teams of the BPO project organisation man the government information hotlines regarding passports and visas, and sometimes carry out 1,000 phone calls a day.

Can our crisis teams take
something off your hands?

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