We arrange the best
medical care and
comforting guidance in
case of accident and injury

Falling ill during a beautiful journey. Being taken by surprise by natural disasters when on holiday. Getting involved in a traffic accident or having a bad fall on the ski slopes. Illness or injury abroad is inconvenient. And unfamiliarity with the healthcare systems or language often causes uncertainty. But your customers can count on the dedicated medical assistance staff of SOS International. They are available day and night, know their way in foreign healthcare systems, and immediately provide your customers with attentive and practical support.

Expertise and empathy at the most vulnerable times

Our medical assistance staff is available 24/7 for your customers if they need medical care when abroad. They provide the best possible support to your customers, thanks to their multilingual skills and their familiarity with local circumstances.

They know what is possible in medical, practical, and logistical sense, and organise all support your customer needs at that time. Expertly and with empathy. In case of hospitalisation, they arrange the payment guarantee, and remain in correspondence with your customer, the attending doctor and with fellow travellers. They provide clarity and guidance during a confusing process. At these vulnerable times, your customers receive the support they need for a speedy recovery. Thanks to our medical assistance staff, they are not alone.

Our emergency centre core competences

Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Immediate practical support in case of illness or injury

Knowledge of local healthcare systems and of more than 6,000 hospitals worldwide

Medical peer consultation

Arranging financial aspects

Overcoming language barriers

Medical Team for security and second opinion

Our staff is supported by a Medical Team, consisting of registered doctors and nurses, such as a tropical medicine doctor or a neonatal nurse. They assist with the situation of your customer. They get in touch with the local clinic and provide input for the treatment plan.

Occasionally, they refer to a hospital with better care and advise about the conditions of transport home. And if follow-up care is needed at home, the team will advise about this too. Their professional input is of significant added value to provide the best support for your customers.

Calm and appropriate action
during calamities

Our medical assistance teams are fully equipped to scale up acutely during (international) disasters and calamities, such as severe traffic incidents, airplane accidents, nature disasters or terrorist violence.

If this is the case and it becomes clear that multiple Dutch travellers are involved, a crisis structure and crisis team are immediately established. A special team with very experienced medical assistance staff travels to the incident location to provide ‘boots on the ground’ asisstance.

A second team stays behind to coordinate, remain in correspondence with governments, next of kin, and family members of victims, and to inform the media. In the Netherlands, a unique structure is in place where the government and emergency centres alternate the coordination responsibility of such calamity relief aid. With our expertise, you can be assured that your customers are always supported with the best emergency aid possible under extreme circumstances.

Repatriation: the best guidance in
impactful circumstances

Occasionally, a trip or holiday must be broken off. For example, when a traveller passes away, or one of their next of kin. Illness and injury can also be reasons not to continue a journey.

In these sensitive circumstances, your customers or their relatives do not need more concerns. That is why our medical assistance staff do everything possible to arrange the most uncomplicated return home; all the way to the front door of their own home or of the healthcare institute for follow-up care. Our staff ensure that your customers and their next of kin are provided with the best possible support and guidance during these impactful circumstances.

Our certainties help unburden

Fast and safe return home

Costs covered via
travel insurance

Contributing ideas to cost
containment and recourse

Medical costs abroad can get very high. Especially when unfamiliar with the local healthcare systems and the going rate of care. SOS International is in direct contact with more than 6,000 hospitals and private clinics. We regularly negotiate with this network of care institutes about medical possibilities and costs. We may also advice your customers about a different clinic, where better care is provided for a lower cost.

This is how we help you contain your costs. We also do this after medical care has been provided and your customer has hopefully continued their journey or safely returned home. We check the invoices from foreign care providers and see which insurance covers it. As such, we help minimise the claims burden as much as possible.

Travel assistance for small

Fortunately, not all travellers are subject to illness, accident, or calamity. Nonetheless, small inconveniences can also disrupt the joy of travelling. As we are available 24/7, we can also unburden your customers when it comes to less major incidents.

Via our Travel Support Desk, travellers can access practical support day and night, such as issuing emergency funds or assistance in case of credit or debit card blocking.

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